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Running SAP better on Public Cloud’s

The successful execution of an organization’s day to day operations depends heavily on the performance and availability of its IT infrastructure. It is for this reason that many enterprise companies are looking to increase the availability and performance of their mission-critical SAP applications. Leading Media Company out of Boston is an example of an organization that was able to improve the availability and performance of its SAP landscape by moving its on-premise IT infrastructure to leading Public cloud. The company serves as a strong reference for other organizations considering a move to cloud for the increased performance, availability, flexibility, reliability the cloud platform can provide.

Staying on the Cutting Edge

A leading Media & Multimedia Technology Company out of Massachusetts provides award winning tools and solutions for the entertainment industry. Over the years, their solutions have earned the company amazing recognition in the form of two Oscars, a Grammy, and multiple Emmys.

As with nearly every industry leading organization, this multimedia technology company operates on the cutting edge. To continue operating on the cutting edge however, the company needed to replace its outdated IT infrastructure. Operating with outdated infrastructure caused the company to experience a continual decrease in the performance and availability of its mission-critical SAP software. To address the performance of their SAP Application instances and eliminate its issues with downtime, Media Firm turned to FlipServe for a robust cloud platform to run their business.

The Decision

The company has been using SAP ERP for its mission critical processes since 1994. As the company took the necessary steps to execute the upgrade of its SAP software, it found that its current IT infrastructure could not support its long-term ambitions. This realization coupled with increasing downtime occurrences, maintenance costs, and other challenges motivated the firm to turn to FlipServe for the right Cloud Platform.

“We had a failure that impacted our business operations,”says the Director, Enterprise Applications at the Media Firm. “That was our turning point. We had a choice---buy new hardware and keep the SAP deployments in-house or switch to a reliable cloud provider like FlipServe and move our ERP landscape to a more robust, modern datacenter.”

Prior to the move to FlipServe recommended cloud, the media firm SAP instances and other enterprise applications were running on aging hardware and Oracle database. In addition to experiencing a great deal of downtime, the company was dealing with the inability to update its business-critical SAP software and the increasing costs of maintaining its on-premise solution. The firm felt that moving its SAP landscape to FlipServe would provide them with the improved performance, flexibility, and cost savings they needed to run more efficiently.

The Right Partnership for a Successful Migration

The firm decided to leverage the company’s partnership with FlipServe to facilitate the migration of their SAP landscape to their recommended multi-cloud platform. For the execution of the migration, the leading cloud provider also recommended that Media Firm turn to FlipServe. Having completed many Cloud migrations in the past, FlipServe had a clear roadmap and a refined approach to streamline this critical technology initiative.

Cloud provider recommendation was accepted, however, before handing FlipServe the project, Media Firm evaluated FlipServe and several other vendors. FlipServe was ultimately selected over the other vendors because the media firm felt that FlipServe had the most experience on public cloud and a great team of experts with the track record of completing many successful SAP migrations to public cloud.

The firm was convinced that FlipServe had the expertise to migrate its SAP landscape to cloud, change its operating system from Linux to Windows and perform a database conversion from Oracle to SQL. FlipServe not only convinced the firm that they could get the job done, they also assured customer that all these activities would be accomplished ina short window to avoid business disruption.

A Proven Approach for SAP on Public Cloud:

FlipServe worked around the clock to deliver a smooth migration of customer SAP landscape to cloud. As with most migrations, every customer has unique challenges that need to be worked through. In customer’s case, FlipServe faced 3 migration challenges. The first was the OS migration from Linux to Windows. The second was DB (database) migration from Oracle to SQL server. The third and final challenge was minimizing the migration downtime of customer’s SAP production landscape.

FlipServe started with a proof of concept migration and obtained the initial baseline of the time required for data replication. The team then continued with multiple mock runs in which it performed process optimization, performance tuning, and data archival to minimize the migration downtime. Ultimately Wharfedale was able to further reduce the time required for migration by 55%.

By drastically cutting the migration time, FlipServe gave customer’s business adequate time to perform application validation before go-live. In addition to a minimal downtime migration FlipServe also provided customer with these key deliverables as part of its Zero Dollar Down solution:

Realizing the Benefits of SAP on Cloud

  • Implementation of SAP High Availability
  • Implementation of Disaster Recovery
  • Managed SAP Basis support services
  • Rapid support for critical tasks and high priority tickets
  • Implementation of proactive SAP monitoring solution
  • Support from a dedicated team of senior SAP Basis consultants (onshore and offshore)

After the successful execution of the migration to Azure, customer realized the following benefits:

  • Improved performance of production environment by over 50%
  • FlipServe cloud guaranteed 99.95% uptime
  • Accelerated server provisioning to help support business growth
  • System refresh timeline reduced from weeks to hours
  • Reduced TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) for SAP Landscape
  • Efficient delivery for system refresh requests

Mission Accomplished

The customer move to FlipServe recommended Public Cloud and it has delivered huge improvements intheir SAP environment, promoted business agility, and enabled operational cost savings. Achieving these objectives, however, required FlipServe’s expert approach to SAP on Cloud migrations. “We noted a significant overall performance improvement after the migration, especially in the database conversion” says, Director. “The SQL Server database is much faster and offers better response time.”

This project overall was a big win for all parties involved. Customer is experiencing the benefits of running its SAP landscape on public cloud and both FlipServe and Cloud Provider, have yet another customer success story.

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