Pre-configured RStudio 1-Click App with common packages and ready to be used with scalable servers.

RStudio Server is the premier integrated development environment for R that allows to move computation close to the data and scale compute and RAM centrally.

This is a pre-configured image with R 4.0 and open source editions of RStudio Server 1.2. and Shiny Server 1.5. All dependencies are solved for you to just go and use this droplet with already configured tidyverse, data.table, and other widely used packages so that in three clicks and no more than five minutes you'll have your server running and ready to fit models, share Shiny apps and much more. Aside of fully solved dependencies, this image features a LaTeX installation and OpenBLAS to boost some numerical operations. This image is prepared, to a wide extent, to install, say, plumber and other packages as a wide variety of dependencies (i.e. libsodium-dev) are already solved.

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