Why Partner with FlipServe ?

Work From Anywhere

Do meaningful work from the comfort of your home on a secure and global Platform.

Set Your Own Schedule

Complete tasks when they work for you.

Get Paid According to Provided Outcomes

Receive money as soon as the service is completed.

Become a Part of a Global Community

Get access to the latest technological platform and community through our global citizenship program.



  • You are a certified Cloud Infrastructure professional
  • You have a passion for cloud technologies
  • You have access to a secure and high speed internet connection
  • You have a valid bank account that can be connected for international payments originating from the United States Of America
  • You do not belong to the list of countries identified by the United States Export Control Ban on Technology


  • Your Resume
  • Your valid certifications with valid certification ids
  • Bank Account Number with Routing, Swift and ABA access once you are authorized to work on the FlipServe Platform

Certification Process

  • Our master team will review and validate your credentials
  • You will be asked to participate in an online activity that showcases your skill set
  • Our expert team will schedule a call and discuss your skills and types of engagements that can be worked on
  • Based on the team’s feedback, you can be approved to work on the platform

Get Started in 4 Easy Steps

Join the fastest growing Cloud Platform for Infrastructure Services

01. Create Account

02. Undergo Flipserve Associate Program

03. Connect Bank Information

04. Provide Services & Start Earning

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the global citizen program?

FlipServe allows certified users to work on cloud technology engagements for customers globally. If you are certified to be a FlipServe associate you can be eligible to work on global projects irrespective of your location of residence

How is this different from other providers of resources?

FlipServe is a platform, and you need to be certified to work on this platform. We provide the guarantee to the clients that the work will be done to their satisfaction

How do you guarantee transparency to the customer?

The work that will be done by the FlipServe associate will be continually logged and recorded and can be replayed at customer’s requirement to ensure quality outcomes

What is the outcome-based model?

A IT task has 2 outcomes, success or failure. We charge our customers only for the successes, and this is the outcome model

When does this program launch?

We are working on getting this out at the earliest, log into our system and put in your request and we will onboard you at the earliest and keep you posted on the actual availability

Why do you need my bank details?

Once you meet the requirements of the program, and are onboarded, you will be eligible to earn money through this program and we need a way to send you that money. Hence the bank details

Are you authorized to pay me?

FlipServe follows American rules and regulations and if we can do transactions to your country, we will do it so