Kubernetes: The Easy Way


Kubernetes has emerged as the de-facto standard for cloud-native platforms and enables fast, cost-efficient and scalable deployment practices across public and private clouds.


FlipServe prides itself as the enabler of cloud-native adoption, and Kubernetes plays a key role on the cloud-native adoption journey to maximize speed, cost-efficiencies and scalability.


Should You Care About Kubernetes?


The Rise of Containers


Containers offer consistency across all environments, smaller footprint and lower operational overhead. With the wide adoption of containers, you need a sophisticated container management platform - Kubernetes is exactly that.


Reduced Time to Market


With Kubernetes as the underpinning platform, streamlining "Build, Deploy, Run" from development to production environments is a lot easier. Using the standardized toolset across all environments and stages reduce time spent on training, handover and shorten the end-to-end delivery cycle.


Next-Level Cloud Economy


Containers can share kernel resources while maintaining isolation, making it an ideal tool to run multiple workloads with only a fraction of compute resources. To realize the cost-savings, you need a mechanism that can easily execute the isolated workloads, maintaining security and manage resources - that's Kubernetes.


Portability and Flexibility


FlipServe offers Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud to provide managed Kubernetes services. With the wide support across cloud, Kubernetes is the perfect answer to portability and flexibility across vendors and geographies.


Challenges to Adopting Kubernetes


A steep learning curve and rapid evolution makes Kubernetes adoption challenging to all but the most experienced cloud-native teams.