A $0 down FlipServe model will help you move your servers to the cloud at no upfront costs.

Considering a Cloud Migration for your Server Landscape?

With our $0 Dollar Down Cloud Migration offering, you receive the benefits of moving your applications to a higher performing, more reliable, and easily managed FlipServe cloud infrastructure without the business disruption or huge budgetary demands commonly faced when migrating complex application landscapes to the cloud. This offering is a complete solution for your application cloud migration.

Improve System Performance

Experience the improvement in the overall performance of your Production landscape on the cloud

High Availability

Keep your mission-critical Applications running around the cloud with our High Availability solution

TCO Reduction

Reduce the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) for your server landscape with our FlipServe infrastructure.

99.9% Guaranteed Uptime

Enhance your operations and business continuity with 99.9% availability on the cloud

Comprehensive DRaaS

Protect your assets in the face of all outages with our comprehensive DRaaS solution

World Class Services

Maximize your investment without wasting internal resources on hiring and training

How does the $0 Down Migration program work?

The Zero Dollar Down Subscription Model is a holistic solution for all the requirements of your Server landscape in a cloud environment. This solution covers the migration, modernization, and management of your Server landscape all under one monthly FlipServe Server Subscription. The uniqueness of this offering is that it gives your organization the opportunity to migrate to the cloud at no upfront cost.

When you opt in to the $0 Down Subscription Model, we seamlessly migrate your Server landscape to best Public Cloud at no upfront cost. After the migration, everything that your organization needs to maximize its cloud investment is packaged into an all-inclusive recurring FlipServer server monthly subscription model. This package includes our business continuity solutions (DRaaS and High Availability), an upgrade or a patching where applicable, managed services, and high value consulting.

A One-Stop Solution

A trusted partner every step of the process.

Design Your Infrastructure

The perfect time to architect your entire infrastructure is right before you implement a new application environment or perform an upgrade. FlipServe Design Team considers all layers of your infrastructure (database, application instance, app servers, batch process etc.) The focus of our design is ease of management, scalability, sustainable performance, growth and recoverability.

Upgrade your Operating System

Whether you want to perform an Operating System Upgrade or an
Application Migration, we got you covered. Our experts follow the best practices for both.

Cloud Migration

When you migrate your applications to FlipServe, we partner with you to ensure success. We leverage our proven process, our thorough knowledge of the application, and our expertise on the Cloud infrastructure to minimize your downtime and facilitate a seamless migration.

Your applications will run no matter what

With our High Availability and Disaster recovery solution (DRaaS) we ensure that your mission critical systems continue to run in the face of natural or human-induced disasters. Our solutions integrate Application, DB and infrastructure tools to provide application availability and recovery as defined by your required SLA and RTO/RPO.

Accelerate Your Results with Our Managed Services

Being the certified cloud services partner with Microsoft, AWS, Google, Redhat, SUSE and SAP, FlipServe has extensive experience managing workloads in the cloud. We have the technical know-how to manage, monitor, support, and optimize the application and infrastructure stack that comprises you Server Landscape.