FlipServe provides increased performance, availability, flexibility, reliability using leading cloud providers at 30-40% cheaper

FlipServe Greater agility through solid cloud foundations

We ensure public cloud are efficient, smooth and secure. Our experts will help you build a resilient cloud platform, no matter which public cloud service we choose. FlipServe services include the design and deployment of the multi-cloud setup, enabling operational agility, cloud infrastructure scalability, data and application vigilance and end-to-end security.

We deliver our Cloud Foundation Services in four phases: Define, Design, Deliver and Transition. This ensures the landing zone is ready and operational before application migration takes place. After the transition, we can proceed with the migration of the workloads to cloud on your behalf, or we can hand the landing zone back to you.

Moving applications and workloads to the cloud is a massive attraction for many organisations, primarily due to the favourable economics which the cloud offers, the ease of deployment, and the flexibility and scale that the cloud provides. FlipServe is a leader in the cloud space and continues to grow with the new services that are introduced on a regular basis. Cloud Foundation from FlipServe solves some of the biggest challenges which organisations face when operating in Public Cloud, namely: security, governance and cost management.

  • Create a scalable hybrid cloud architecture using proven cloud standards, tenancy structure and cloud connectivity, such as BCP/DR design, etc.
  • Establish a cost-effective and agile cloud environment before any migration takes place.
  • Design and build a secure cloud platform with proactive security controls, increasing your security against cyberattacks while adhering to regulatory compliance requirements.
  • Operation enablement for integrating cloud services with existing ITSM processes.
  • Leverage proven cloud architecture blueprints based on best practices, and certified by solution architects to deliver fast, efficient and consistent architectures on a global scale.
  • Increase agility through DevOps and infrastructure-as-code automation, integrated with container platforms.
  • Work smarter by monitoring IaaS/PaaS services and applications hosted in cloud for availability, performance and cost.


Security will provide you with the confidence that you are consuming cloud services in a safe and secure manner.Your security posture in the cloud should always be top of mind. Our secured identity offering is built upon the following:

  1. • Identity management best practices
  2. • MFA & password management
  3. • Role-based access controls
  4. • Suspicious activity monitoring
  5. • Just-in-time access

Infrastructure is at the core of Azure. With our secured infrastructure approach, we implement the following:

  1. • Infrastructure design
  2. • Connectivity
  3. • Platform security controls
  4. • Advanced threat management
  5. • Resiliency & high availability

Applications and data are the heartbeat of any organisation. It’s vital that both are safeguarded and secure. We provide the following services and capabilities:

  1. • Highly available cloud platform
  2. • Safeguarding sensitive information
  3. • Backup and DR
  4. • Encryption


Governance will help you understand how to effectively manage and consume Azure services. As part of this governance offering we help identify define baselines and implement policy definitions. With Governance we help you with the following:

  1. • Build repeatable deployment patterns
  2. • Create hierarchical management groups for a better management experience
  3. • Introduce policies to enforce different rules and effects over resources, so those resources stay compliant with corporate standards

Cost Management

When organisations move to the cloud a common challenge is ensuring that costs are effectively controlled. With FlipServe Cost Management we help organisations plan with cost in mind. We can help you better understand: cost analysis, budgets and use FlipServe more efficiently. We can help you with the following:

  1. • Have better predictability of up-front costs
  2. • Understand Azure costs prior to any migration to the cloud
  3. • Be alerted to where your organisation can save on cloud spend and get more for less

Cloud Orchestration

With cloud orchestration tools, it is possible to streamline the allocation of resources, coordinate the distribution of workloads between cloud-based resources and organize the deployment of a service on multiple servers or cloud environments.

Cloud Orchestration introduces and enforces a process flow for automated activities. It allows cloud engineers to take a set of automated processes and combine them into a specified workflow that fully automates the delivery of the service from the intial request through to completion. Cloud orchestration uses automated tasks as building blocks to coordinate more complex processes that can involve multiple resources across cloud environments to meet business requirements.

FlipServe utilizes infrastructure orchestration tools like Terraform and Ansible to deploy resources in public cloud in an efficient manner.

Automation was the first step to accelerate and improve the provisioning process -- both in the cloud and on premises. Through software, IT teams complete a particular task, such as launching a web server, with minimal manual effort.

But as IT deployments grew in complexity, organizations yearned to do more than automate one function in a piecemeal fashion; they wanted to streamline their provisioning workflow, which required the automation of multiple tasks across multiple systems.

Cloud Runbook

Cloud Runbooks provide a way for users to automate the manual, long-running, error-prone and frequently repeated tasks that are commonly performed in a cloud and enterprise environment. It saves time and increases the reliability of regular administrative tasks and even schedules them to be automatically performed at regular intervals. Processes can be automated using runbooks. A runbook is a set of tasks that performs some automated process in the cloud. It may be a simple process such as starting a virtual machine and creating a log entry, or it may be a complex runbook that combines other smaller runbooks to perform a complex process across multiple resources or even multiple clouds and on-premises environments.

FlipServe’s processes allow runbooks to be executed only by autenticated and appropriately authorized personnel (Role Based Access Control) and the operations are executed against the right resources. The triggering of runbooks can also be automated based on certain events.

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