A New Beginning: Cloud Transformation

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A New Beginning: Cloud Transformation

Corporate splits present new beginnings. With new beginnings come the impetus for transformation. This was the case for a leading lifestyle brand collective based in New York. The company in question designs, produces, and builds brands of distinction. During its split from a brand management company, the New York based company undertook an IT Transformation of its complete infrastructure, application landscape and other interfaces. The vehicle of choice for their transformation was FlipServe chosen one of it’s leading cloud provider.

As a new business entity and a lifestyle brand collective that prides itself on being brand, business, and customer centric, the New York based company needed a robust infrastructure to support its day-to-day business processes. Flipserve gave the company the availability, security, and scalability it required to meet its infrastructure needs. Flipserve’s strong partnership with Microsoft was another factor that made Flipserve (Azure) the most viable option for the company’s cloud transformation. With its Application systems on Flipserve, the company is now operating with more efficiency, agility and flexibility.

Selecting the Ideal Cloud Service Provider

After the decision was made to migrate their systems to Flipserve, the New York based company needed to make its second most critical selection: the cloud service provider executing the migration. Going into the selection process, the two most important criteria for the company was cost-effectiveness and a proven track record. FlipServe met both of these criteria with flying colors.

FlipServe is a strategic Microsoft Gold Partner that specializes in cloud migrations and managed services for applications workloads. The New York based company was able to validate vendor track record through FlipServe customer references and testimonials. FlipServe also proved to be the most cost-effective option due to Zero Dollar Down Migration Model.

The Zero Dollar Down Migration Model is a package of FlipServe cloud migration offering and managed services. With it, organizations can migrate their systems to FlipServe Cloud with no upfront costs.

Basing the Zero Dollar Down solution around Flipserve gives the competitive advantage against other vendors because it provides customers with a significant amount of technical and business value. Customers who opt-in to this offering can migrate their application systems to Flipserve with the expert guidance of a Microsoft Gold partner and the readily available support of Microsoft - a strategic certified partner - all while saving costs with no upfront investment.

Navigating the Migration Journey

The New York based company commissioned Flipserve to execute an migration for its infrastructure systems and applications running Oracle on Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating system. Flipserve was also tasked with rebuilding the company’s application servers and instances on cloud and migrating the company’s on-premise Dataware house on cloud.

Flipserve used its 74 factor Cloud Transformation Methodology to help the company facilitate a seamless migration of their landscape to Cloud. As with all migrations, Flipserve’s team ran into some challenges along the way. One of the initial challenges was securing the optimal amount of bandwidth needed to ensure a minimal downtime migration. Organizations migrating applications to the cloud often underestimate the bandwidth needed to facilitate a seamless cloud migration and this was the case with the New York based company.

After getting an estimate of the required bandwidth for the migration, Flipserve worked in tandem with the company’s network team and the cloud provider team to optimize the company’s data throughput.

To minimize migration downtime, Flipserve conducted four mock runs in which it performed process optimization, performance tuning, and data archival. During the final mock run Flipserve migrated some non-transactional production systems ahead to reduce overhead during cutover. Through these measures, Flipserve was able to migrate over 100 servers to cloud with only 36 hours of downtime.

Attention to Detail

In addition to migrating the company’s application systems to cloud, Flipserve took on the added challenge of interfacing EDI with the company’s ERP system. As a company undergoing a split, it was important that all their data was transmitted from its parent company to the new landscape in cloud.

Flipserve stepped in and seamlessly executed the EDI interface integration by performing mock runs and using mock systems to perform the migration post-processing work. Before production cutover, Flipserve exported the EDI configuration from the mock systems and then imported it into the company’s ERP system after production cutover.

These processes were executed efficiently by leveraging Cloud resource scalability, which enhanced the export/import process. With the successful EDI interface integration executed by Flipserve, the New York based company was officially separated from its parent company.

A New Beginning

The primary goal of the New York based company was to facilitate a seamless split from its parent company through a migration of its application landscape to cloud.  Flipserve helped the company execute the migration to cloud with minimal disturbance to its business. With its systems on cloud, the company has realized the following benefits:

  • Azure guaranteed 99.95% uptime
  • Accelerated servicer provisioning to help support business growth
  • Reduced TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of SAP landscape

“FlipServe’s solution enabled the customer to undergo the divestiture process with minimal business disruption, while still taking advantage of the performance benefits and agility provided by cloud for running applications on FlipServe” stated Ganesh Radhakrishnan, Founder & CEO of FlipServe Inc. “The customer is realizing the benefits of deploying their Application workloads on a hosting platform with improved service reliability, a diverse array of integrations and innovative services.”

As a new business entity, the New York based lifestyle brand collective seized the opportunity to start on the right foot by migrating its systems to FlipServe. With best-in-class cloud infrastructure and ongoing support from FlipServe Inc., the company has established the foundation it needs to operate with greater efficiency, availability, and flexibility going forward.

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