Introducing iSaaS (Infrastructure Service as a Service)

FlipServe's iSaaS - Infrastructure Services as Service

Enterprises today are presented with multiple software-based approaches to accelerate businesses.  Hyper scale cloud vendors are providing different as a service models for enterprises to accelerate their business outcomes.  CIOs and CTOs are constantly being demanded more outcomes from business leaders to ensure that organizations meet their goals.  As new technologies get launched, go through maturity cycles, the enterprise IT divisions have never been more stressed than now with the multitude of options available. With shadow IT across enterprises spinning of non-compliant solutions and setting up its own IT divisions, it is but natural for any organization to react to circumstances rather than proactively plan ahead. Multiple cloud technologies are also available so challenges around cost, performance, sprawl and unified operations have crept in. To ease the cloud infrastructure challenge FlipServe has pioneered the iSaaS (Infrastructure Services as a Service) model.

iSaaS -Infrastructure Services as a Service

IaaS models have been there in the market for a long time now. Industry has always been quick to adopt either a SaaS (Software as a Service) or an IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) model due to the inherent ease of operations.

While software based infrastructure approaches tend to sort out the physical limitations of the infrastructure by creating either pools or smartly dividing workloads through various newer methods of technical innovations, the operational complexity of the solution increases as the prior physical layer is no longer visible to the engineer.

Infrastructure Services as a Service - iSaaS

With software models generating code for manipulating the services in various forms, the complexity of the solution increases tremendously.  This gives rise for specialized service providers who bring in the special skills of infrastructure and software management to ensure that cloud services procured are optimal, cost effective and provide high performance.

This type of infrastructure management through specialized tools, skills and solutions is termed Infrastructure Services as a Service.

With the advent of computing models, and increased awareness and availability of technologies to set up and function hybrid clouds, genuine iSaaS models in the enterprise are taking shape. iSaaS through either hyperscale cloud vendors, or iSaaS models in existing on premise solutions are being set up to help developers and end-users quick access to standard set of infrastructure and code that can help reduce time to market for products and development teams.

Analyst View of IaaS

Analyst Reports from Gartner suggest the following trends in the IaaS model evolution

a. Booming Cloud market, with 5 major vendors for public cloud ,  with services in 21 different categories ( and growing) and the market is expected to double by 2023

b. Continuing Cloud Platforms –  the advent of technologies which bring the cloud to an on prem datacenter and also encourage the use of cloud services like IaaS and SaaS integrate within the PaaS model requiring dedicated infrastructure specialists

c. Evolution of Cloud Native designs that take the availability of new age technologies into developing cloud solution architectures for new age solutions

d. Enterprise IT evolving more into a service broker model, setting up validated designs into the organization using these PaaS models

iSaaS -Infrastructure Services as a Service  FlipServe's Perspective

Being in the core IT infrastructure world has been instrumental in the cloud transformation journeys of multiple clients. We have seen a gradual increase in line with market requirements of specialized infrastructure management.

The single biggest reason clients have started preferring iSaaS models is that the solution set can be architected to the enterprise IT standards, templatized and consumed within minutes. The added advantage that this can be used either through a hyperscale vendor or through on-prem data centers makes this approach more appealing to IT owners.

Other advantages that we have observed are use of a truly hybrid cloud approach, faster times to deploy and be part of the devops chain and discourage the shadow IT in the organization. We have also seen this use the existing capital investments to be completely recovered through careful planning and execution.

What Next to transform to Infrastructure Services as Service iSaaS Model

If you have significant challenges in the adoption of hyperscale cloud platforms and are still unable to maintain a good SLA with the business owners, do take a deep dive into our iSaaS offering.  If enterprise standards are what stops you from adopting cloud technologies, have a secondary look into FlipServe’s models and these may be the solution for enforcing standards and also rapid fast deployment of the entire stack.

Think of yourself as the service brokers who have an additional catalog which can be easily customized and shared across the businesses to accelerate development and deployment. This would definitely help organizations achieve better results through the efficient use of technologies and also at a faster rate as configuration and standard management is pre done.

How Can we Help to adapt to Infrastructure Services as Service -iSaaS model

We have the credentials to set up simple to complex iSaaS models. With our experiences across multiple organizations where we have set up iSaaS,  our learnings and quick deployment process as part of our cloud transformation playbook have been translated to FlipServe which identifies multiple plays for operations.  Our FlipServe framework helps organizations identify their cloud maturity and takes it to next level.