FlipServe Launches Outcome-Based IT Cloud Services Platform

FlipServe launches its innovative cloud IT services platform. With the growth of the gig economy, FlipServe is bringing a hint of Uber to IT services by offering outcome-based services delivery, on-demand access to a FlipServe certified global workforce with unparalleled transparency.

The global pandemic of 2020 has disrupted every facet of life from the workplace to day-to-day activities many had previously taken for granted. In the business world, the pandemic and the resulting global recession has disrupted IT budgeting cycles. With diminished IT budgets, the expectation for CIOs and IT managers “to do more with less” has only increased. FlipServe is addressing the need for fast, reliable, and cost-effective IT services with the launch of its revolutionary outcome-based IT services platform. Organizations sourcing IT services, typically utilize the traditional managed services model in which the service provider has close to full ownership of delivery, and pricing is linked to discrete units of output based on SLA’s. The challenge with this sourcing model is the lack of clarity and transparency organizations have when it comes to assessing the cost to benefit ratio of their managed services contract. Simply put, many CIOs and IT managers working with vendors find themselves trapped in long-term contracts, stifling their ability to explore opportunities for growth and innovation. With FlipServe, organizations have simplified access to transparent, on-demand, outcome-based IT cloud services. Rather than paying for IT services based on output, FlipServe users pay for IT services based on measurable outcomes or business impacts they can objectively assess. The FlipServe platform will also provide opportunities to gig employees globally. On the platform, users can select the service they want to accomplish along with its associated SLA’s and KPI’s, view the associated costs, track the progress of the service, and pay only after the service is completed to satisfaction. All services on the FlipServe platform are non-contractual. “FlipServe presents a paradigm shift from traditional managed services sourcing models,” says Ganesh Radhakrishnan, Chief Founder of FlipServe. “All the limitations and inefficiencies found in traditional IT sourcing models such as lengthy contracts and a lack of transparency are a thing of the past on the FlipServe platform.”

Regarding service delivery, 70% of non-critical IT tasks can be fulfilled at no cost with FlipServe’s AI enabled automation platform. For more complex tasks, FlipServe deploys a certified and experienced FlipServe associate to fulfill the tasks. Similar to rideshare services like Uber, information about FlipServe’s IT associates such as their credentials, ratings, etc. will be provided to the customer. Once a task is assigned to a FlipServe associate, the progress of the associate will be tracked, and all of the associate’s activity from start to finish will be recorded for full transparency.

Here’s a closer look at how FlipServe works:  

  1. Select a Service: The customer selects a service with clearly defined SLA’s and KPI’s. Multiple services can be purchased for a single server (e.g. monitoring, patching, and upgrade).
  2. Select Service Options: The customer chooses from three service options: Silver, Gold, or Platinum. The customer also has the option to choose hours of service for each server to minimize cost.
  3. Service Transparency: Cost associated with selected options will be shown. Customers have the ability to adjust service options to control costs. Once selected service and service options are confirmed, a FlipServe-Certified cloud professional will be engaged, and the customer dashboard will be updated with progress on both desktops and mobile smart devices for complete transparency.
  4. Simplified Payment: Customers only pay based on the condition that the work meets defined SLAs. If work does not meet SLA, FlipServe will credit the customer’s account. The key competitive advantage of FlipServe is the company’s end-to-end ownership of IT delivery. Unlike many managed service providers who lack necessary ownership and transparency across the IT value chain, FlipServe’s complete ownership of IT delivery enables the company to proactively undergo the optimization and improvement of its IT services platform. For customers, this means FlipServe will continually inform them of cost saving and performance enhancement opportunities within their existing cloud or multi-cloud options.

About FlipServe

FlipServe is an Infrastructure Services as a Service (iSaaS) company offering managed services for Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud. With FlipServe, companies have simplified access to cloud infrastructure services. No contracts or rigid arrangements, just measurable metrics like SLA's and KPI's which enable organizations to track the progress of their tasks, monitor what they are paying for, and get faster results.

FlipServe's mission is to democratize cloud through unparalleled transparency, flexible service offerings, non-contractual agreements, and outcome-based work. Through its global platform, companies have access to a global pool of FlipServe-Certified cloud professionals ready to meet their business needs. FlipServe also gives cloud professionals from around the world the opportunity to use their skills to fulfill end to end services which include: cloud subscription management, day to day management of cloud operations, performance management, spend management, high availability, and disaster recovery. For more information visit: http://www.flipserve.com