FlipServe is Set to Democratize the Cloud with Non-Contractual, Outcome-Based Managed Cloud Services

FlipServe Inc., a California based Infrastructure Services as a Service (iSaaS) company, announces the launch of its global platform, FlipServe, an AI enabled managed services platform offering on-demand access to non-contractual, outcome-based managed cloud services.

FlipServe Inc., a California based Infrastructure Services as a Service (iSaaS) company, announces the launch of its global platform, FlipServe.com, an AI enabled managed services platform offering companies on-demand access to transparent, non-contractual, outcome-based managed services. The platform delivers end-to-end services that include cloud subscription, day-to-day management of operations, performance management, and spend management. With FlipServe, companies have simplified access to IT services.

As cloud adoption continues to rise, more and more organizations are relying on traditional managed service providers to manage their cloud workloads. Although the traditional managed services sourcing model using third party vendors is common, it is no longer optimal for organizations that are looking for greater agility, efficiency, and cost-savings in the cloud. FlipServe offers organizations a new service model that is completely outcome-based. Rather than spending internal resources managing the reporting and service performance of vendors, which is a staple of traditional managed services, FlipServe’s customers only pay for outcomes that are measurable and attainable. This makes FlipServe the best option for organizations that want the ability to engage qualified cloud resources on a needed basis, monitor what they are paying for, and get faster results.

“FlipServe’s vision is to create a world in which everyone has access to transparent IT solutions and services provided by a world class delivery association.” stated Ganesh Radhakrishnan, Chief Founder of FlipServe. “We are addressing the gap in the current IT marketplace by replacing long, pricey contracts with on-demand, outcome-based service delivery.”

FlipServe uses Artificial Intelligence and automation to fulfill most service requests. For more complex tasks, companies will have on-demand access to a global pool of cloud talent. This is all thanks to FlipServe’s Global Citizenship Model. FlipServe’s Global Citizenship Model gives certified cloud professionals around the world the unprecedented opportunity to use their skills to fulfill outcome-based cloud services no matter where they are located. All Global Citizens undergo a FlipServe certification process and their activities during service execution are recorded for full transparency.

With FlipServe, organizations are no longer at risk of vendor lock-in or wasted cloud spend when it comes to Cloud Managed Services. Organizations also have complete transparency with clearly defined SLAs, KPIs, and subscription tiers provided on FlipServe’s platform. By leveraging the platform’s transparency and simplicity, organizations will have full cost control and flexibility over their cloud operations.

In addition to transparency, simplicity, and on-demand access to global cloud talent, FlipServe has the added benefit of being a cloud agnostic platform. This means that organizations with workloads on AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud can utilize FlipServe’s outcome-based services to optimize their cloud operations.

“We offer this innovated global platform to connect certified and experienced IT associates with organizations looking for agile solutions at reasonable pricing,” says Mahesh Reddy, Co-Founder of FlipServe. “our platform is not only designed to ensure safe and reliable operations globally but also fill a gap in the market by providing easy, accessible and transparent cloud services on demand, allowing customers to focus on what’s important while we take care of the rest.”

More information is available on FlipServe at http://www.flipserve.com About FlipServe

FlipServe Inc. is an Infrastructure Services as a Service (iSaaS) company offering managed cloud services for Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud. With FlipServe, companies have simplified access to cloud infrastructure services. No contracts or rigid arrangements, just measurable metrics like SLA's and KPI's which enable organizations to track the progress of their tasks, monitor what they are paying for, and get faster results.

lipServe's mission is to democratize cloud through unparalleled transparency, flexible service offerings, non-contractual agreements, and outcome-based work. Through its global platform, companies have access to a global pool of FlipServe-certified cloud professionals ready to meet their business needs. FlipServe also gives cloud professionals from around the world the opportunity to use their skills to fulfill end to end services which includes cloud subscription management, day to day management of cloud operations, performance management, spend management, high availability, and disaster recovery. For more information visit: http://www.flipserve.com