FlipServe Global Citizenship

Learning to lead for a future of Global Workforce

Globally Remote working is becoming increasingly common — by Gallup’s estimates, 37% of workers work remotely at least some of the time. Other studies have indicated 70% of global workers work remotely at least once per week.

The popularity makes sense. Childcare costs in the first world are rising by 7-10% per year. And with life expectancy on the rise, many — more than 15 million in the U.S. alone — need additional time to be able to care for those who once cared for them.

Remote work is essentially about flexibility. What you, as an employer, are saying to employees is, “We trust you will get the work done. You can get it done on your time and in a location that makes sense to you, but it needs to get done.”

Offering this type of flexibility in a tight labor market is often the best way to get the people you need.

Global Citizenship

FlipServe's GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP program ensures that IT professionals do not have to sacrifice their comfort, luxury, culture, and the company of families and friends by leaving their home countries in search of complex and technologically advanced challenging projects that cab be provided by FlipServe instead.

FlipServe’s mission is to allow talented IT professionals to engage in work on a globally connected platform through the concept of a global citizenship model. Professionals located anywhere in the world will be allowed to use their skills to fulfill outcome-based work in the new gig economy.

Global Passports are issued to qualified and trained IT professionals who will work on engagements with FlipServe’s transparent technology platform and get compensated per global standards.

Uber for IT Services Offerings

FlipServe is an iSAAS* company for Azure, AWS and GCP.

FlipServe end to end services that include cloud subscription, managing day to day operations, performance management, spend management and enabling Digital Transformation Journey will help customers spend more time on the issues that matter most to their business.

FlipServe iSAAS help customers with Serverless, Containers, IOT, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Lakes, High Availability and Disaster Recovery solutions.

* Infrastructure Services as a Service

FlipServe Cares

The work you do is important, but people just like you have lives outside of work, and they need that element of flexibility from their employer in order to manage everything they have going on. Moreover, Global resources are actually more productive in many ways  and the talent pool is increasingly helping 24x7x365. So, to get the best, you need to be flexible in terms of how you approach team and organizational design.

FlipServe benefits of Global Resources

Here are just a few of the most important benefits of Global Resources:

1. Cost savings

Dell saved about $12 million in real estate costs by going increasingly remote. That’s not a lot of money if you’re Apple, but to most companies, those savings combined with the operational cost savings are quite significant. 

2. Talent acquisition

If you want the best people, you need to remember the best people have lives, needs, families, children, parents, etc. where they live today. Even the most attractive relocation package might not move them. Allowing for global workforce is a huge component of modern talent acquisition.

3. Talent attraction

This differs from talent acquisition in terms of employer branding. Talent attraction is more about people knowing your brand and wanting to come work for you.

Increasingly, global resources is an employee benefit we’re seeing millennials and Generation Z demand, and will likely be expected as standard by future generations. Being seen as a flexible employer when a 25-year-old knows they might someday have kids and will be caring for their parents is a huge draw to people beginning to think about their careers.

4. Workforce diversity

Offering FlipServe Global Citizenship options also tends to draw you a more diverse (perspectives, knowledge, and skillsets) workforce. It’s an excellent recruiting strategy. Looking beyond the physical limitations of one community — the city where your company is based — will begin to increase your company’s diversity, and showcasing that different types of work options are available will attract a wide-ranging applicant pool.

5. Productivity

There’s lots of research on how global workforce are actually more productive. When employees work remotely they have the freedom to tend to the errands of their personal lives. Just that 15-20 minutes employees are allowed to take to — when they need to take the time — makes a difference. They return to their home workstation recharged and ready to resume focus.

FlipServe optimizes Global workforce
Make work accessible and easy to find
Create opportunities for making personal connections
Understand individual preferences for communication
Hold one meeting per week that includes everyone
Share daily updates to build alignment and awareness